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How to Measure Curtains

To determine curtain width:

The width measurement required is your curtain’s track/pole, and not the window’s width.

For Poles with finials, measure the distance between the 2 finials.

If you’re fitting a new Pole/Track, make sure it covers an extra 15cm on each side of the window to ensure no lights are sipping in. Include also the width of overlaps and returns.



To determine curtain length:

Eyelet curtains:

Measure from the top of the pole to your desired height;

You might want to measure both side of the drop as it’s quite a common thing where the construction of your windows or floor are not even. Take the longer of the 2 measurement in this case.

Pencil Pleat curtains:

Measure from the curtains hooks to your desired height.

Again, measure both side of the drop and take the longer of the 2 measurements.

There are three typical length positions.

Measure from the track/pole or curtain hooks to:

1). 2.5cm (1”) above the windowsill

2). 15cm (6”) below the windowsill

3). 2.5cm (1”) above floor level

4). for puddles, measure 2.5cm to 15cm extra of the total height for the romantic look and feel.


These curtains are usually put up using small plastic or metal gather hooks on the track/pole. Curtains longer than 245cm are better put up using metal gather hooks. Our custom made pencil curtains come with FREE metal hooks, they have put into the tape and ready to hang on. You can relocate the hooks to adjust the width.


For curtains length that is longer than 245cm or width is more than 300cm, please contact us directly for a quote.



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